Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How Many Sun Engineers Work On Swing?

After reading JavaLobby's "JavaFX Script vs. Swing: Are You Still Concerned?", I started wondering how many Sun Engineers still work on Swing. From what I could count from blogs, projects and mailing lists, the only folks left on the Swing team are Richard Bair, Amy Fowler, Thorsten Laux, Alexander Potochkin, Jasper Potts and Shannon Hickey (Swing Team Lead). The rest of the Java desktop team are either working on Java 2D, Consumer JRE, Netbeans, OpenJDK, or JavaFX; or have left Sun. That's six people working on Swing! And this is after the new desktop focus from Sun. Shudder to think what the team was like after Sun had abandoned Swing for server-side Java. To put the size of the Swing team in perspective, even a small company like Trolltech has over 40 people working on the development of the Qt toolkit! So the next time you feel like abusing the Swing team for the failings of Swing, please, blame the short-sighted Sun management instead.